Untitled Goose Game Review

Untitled Goose Game is a stealth puzzle game developed by House House. Players control the goose in the game and face a series of challenges to bother human characters. Untitled Goose Game is more of a slapstick-stealth-sandbox, where you’re a goose let loose in an unsuspecting village. You’re going around town, from people’s back gardens to high street stores to village greens, putting up pranks, taking clothes, honking a bunch, and usually destroying everyone’s day.

The idea for Untitled Goose Game came up when developer Michael McMaster dropped a stock photo of a goose into Slack and half-jokingly said, “Let’s make a game about this.” And the four-person indie House House studio absolutely followed up on a stellar concept, because Untitled Goose Game is just as delightful as you’d expect the game to be a lawless goose on the loose. Watch the trailer video below to get a sense of how it feels like to be a crazy ass goose:

Untitled Goose Game became a phenomena soon before it was released for PC and Switch today. A 2017 pre-alpha trailer depicting a goose mess with a janitor whose blood pressure is probably never going to recover, tapped into something essential and primal: the goose are assholes.

The game’s main goal is straightforward: you’re a goose, and it’s your task to create lives a little easier for the world’s most needy farmers, who never surrender to violence. Played single, this might be a lot boring. It’s not that Untitled Goose Game requires senseless killings and splashes of natural viscera to contend with other matches. It’s that, opposed to the contest, it’s a lot too easy. While my goose is cute, it is not particularly competent in the fields of espionage.

Compared to something like the Goat Simulator, there is no disorienting chaos or dots allocated to how difficult you can make individuals head-butt. Instead, you push them insane with the gentlest of pranks, like having a kid placed on glasses that are not his. The result is a chilly sandbox mashup, stealthy and puzzling. You, the goose, are lost in a number of tiny town settings, including the garden of the garden, the storefront, the tavern, and the backyard of some neighbours. Each environment flows seamlessly together, but you have to complete most of the objectives on the list before you can move on to the next one. Ultimately, you are here to ruin people’s day!

Last but not least, Untitled Goose Game is fairly brief. I finished it in about two and a quarter hours, at which stage I opened some reward problems, many of which I finished in the next hour. Again, though, the Untitled Goose Game is a sandbox in which goals sometimes sound more like suggestions. Even though this game is a bit busted and repetitive at times, but it’s also the first game I can remember that lets me solve problems as a goose. Whatever their plan is, House House has developed a universe in which I want to proceed to be horrible.

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