Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Review

Tiny Room Stories is a new puzzle game with a unique perspective in the escape room genre. You as the antagonist visits an abandoned town in a series of 3D scenes that you can rotate and explore to solve puzzles, while seeking clues to continue your quest in search of your farther and all the other inhabitants.

The story goes something like this: You are a private detective. Your dad sent you a letter asking for help, so you came back to Redcliff Town, but there seems to be nobody around. It was a small town, but before that it wasn’t empty. You have to explore abandoned houses, find clues, and solve puzzles to figure out what happened exactly.

Check out the awesome trailer below, which shows you how the game looks like in action.


First, let’s talk about the game graphics. At first glance, Tiny Room Stories looks basic, with crude textures, simple shapes and colors. However, don’t let the graphics fool you into thinking the entire game as simple as its graphics. The simple graphics actually make you easier to focus on the scene and find clues by eliminating unwanted details that could project false positives and confuse the players.

Every scene is a cleverly crafted setting that can be seen from the cutaway’s four different corners. Despite the game camera which places you a few meters away from each room, it all feels extremely atmospheric and a lot of the empty space around the focal points is slipping away from your mind quickly. Moreover, the ability to rotate view really adds to the flavor and enhances both the visual and storytelling.


After a couple of minutes of playing, it seems as if it put together elements of a detective noir genre, a bit of Sims spice, and all that with some pretty complex puzzling mechanics. What really makes the game stand out is the puzzles inside Tiny Room Stories. There are a vast array of light puzzles, motion puzzles, and even puzzles that need to solve clues. If you’re a fan of point-and-click puzzle-filled adventure games, it’s really great to play.

The game’s basic structure consists of pieces or blocks which represent a certain space in which you are located. Generally the exit is your immediate goal and you have to find out how to do it. For starters, the driveway is your first level or chunk as we named it after you arrive at the house of your parents. No one answers and the door is closed, so you need to find a way inside now.

Now, when you start paying more attention, you can find items like the mailbox, ladder, and stuff you pick up by a simple click and use properly. The most important thing, however, that fully turns this puzzler into an endless stream of possibilities is that you can rotate the view of the world or the view of the current chunk at which you are.

You can also do many other things, such as turning the lights on and off, cracking computer passwords, reading important documents, restoring power, and doing lots of other things, all with the goal of reaching your target. It quickly becomes quite complex and complicated, but intuitive, logical and immersive as well.

For example, on the roof there is an item and on the other side of the house there is a ladder. You’re going to pick it up and use it to hit the target, of course, and while you’re at it, you can also repair the antenna, because the house TV doesn’t work. This shows you a security footage of a secret code the house owner used before, and so on, after it has been patched.


Overall, this is a well-presented and informative take on the gaming styles of puzzle and escape space. Each of the scenes are linked by a mystery of thriller type. You’re going to bounce from location to location in your attempt to find out the reason for the disappearances, and that’s going to take you from home to ancient catacombs.

You can play the game now for the first 8 chapters and a steady stream of updates planned for the future, there’s plenty to keep you entertained and active. It’s worth mentioning that if you have a Season Pass, it will give you unlimited hints, no ads between chapters, and all of the current chapters in it.

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