PS5 Coming In Late 2020

So it begins.

Sony officially announced their next-generation console on the PlayStation Blog. The successor to the PlayStation 4 (PS4) is confirmed to be called the PlayStation 5 (PS5), a traditionally familiar naming convention for Sony’s main gaming console. The release schedule of Holiday 2020 will be alongside Microsoft’s Xbox Project Scarlett.

Among the key features the upcoming console will have:

  • Hard disk drive (HDD) as used in the PS3 and PS4 will be replaced with the Solid-state drive (SSD). This will lead to faster loading times, especially so for open world games. Gone will be the days where we will need to wait for a millions years while the map loads (I am looking at you FFXV).
  • The PS5 will come with a 4K Blu-ray drive and games will be released on a whooping 100gb disc. Remember when games were considered huge when they needed 5gb space?
  • With the ray tracing hype on PC these days, the PS5 will support ray tracing as well.
  • Installation will be a lot more easier than the PS4 with modular installations, meaning you could choose to install just the campaign or just the multiplayer of a title. You could even delete individual modules once you have completed them.
  • As stated by CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan on the PlayStation Blog, Sony aims to bring new features to our beloved DualShock controller with improved haptics technology. ” First, we’re adopting haptic feedback to replace the “rumble” technology found in controllers since the 5th generation of consoles. With haptics, you truly feel a broader range of feedback, so crashing into a wall in a race car feels much different than making a tackle on the football field. You can even get a sense for a variety of textures when running through fields of grass or plodding through mud, ” says Ryan.
  • Furthermore, the second innovation for the controllers is something we call adaptive triggers, which have been incorporated into the trigger buttons (L2/R2).
  • Similar to what we have in racing wheels, the trigger buttons will have resistance depending on what is being performed in a game.
  • The speaker will still be making its return and here’s a nice move by Sony as well, the PS5 controllers will be charged via USB Type-C.
  • A new power saving mode where on sleep mode, the PS5 will just consume 0.5W of power compared to the PS4’s 8.5W.

In a little more than over year we will get to enjoy Sony’s PS5. However the PS4 will still have plenty of games in to look forward to such as Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Ghost of Tsushima. More than enough to keep us busy until the release of the PS5.

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