The Benefits of Ashwagandha

People live with busy day life especially in the cities. There are numerous supplements and herbs consumed to meet human needs. Ashwagandha is an Indian gingseng, a powerful herb also known as winter cherry that provide benefits.

Key Benefits

  • This herb helps relieve stress, increase stamina and uplift your focus. It has been consumed for more than 3000 years.
  • It stimulates insulin to lower our human body sugar levels and fighting against diabetes.
  • Also known as, Withania somnifera, this medicinal herb cause apoptosis, which is programmed cell death for cancerous cells. Apoptosis can be taken places in four phases.
  • It may help lower cortisol level, which is your “stress hormone”.
  • Ashwagandha consumed with suitable dosage may help reduce depression. More studies or researches are needed to ascertain.
  • The herb can also has antioxidant effect to protect nerve cells to fight against harmful free radicals.
  • Lower cholesterol due to its anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Reduce memory impairment and boosting brain function.
  • Elevate fertility in men.
  • Improvement in thyroid level.

Ashwagandha is available online for purchase and it’s price is affordable on Shopee and Lazada. It is safe to consult health practitioner before consumption. Pregnant women should avoid to take it. There is a study shown that the consumption cause digestive upset in some sensitive individuals. Overall, this herb help promote overall well-being with an appropriate intake.

Watch the video below by Dr. Josh Axe explaining the benefits of Ashwagandha in details:

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