Digimon ReArise Releases Outside of Japan

A year ago, Digimon ReArise was released only in Japan. It took the original story of Digimon to iOS and Android devices. However, recently Bandai Namco Entertainment announced the release of Digimon ReArise in North America and Europe in October, which means releases in other countries may follow suit. Check out the original English trailer below:

Digimon ReArise is free to play with app purchases and includes real-time support fights up to 5v5. Clash Fights let you take on more powerful enemies with other co-op tamers. As anticipated, Bandai Namco has made sure that the free mobile game is released almost at the same time as the console and the PC port. Watch the new trailer for the release of Digimon ReArise below:

If you’re interested in checking out Digimon ReArise, it’s now available for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.

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