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Hong Kong Police May Access AI Facial Recognition Technology to Identify Faces

Ever heard the “Skynet” system from China? It is a video surveillance system which claimed to track criminals. It has more than 20 million cameras deployed in public areas over the nation, based on the state media.

Access of facial recognition technology has been granted for Hong Kong law enforcement activities to recognize faces from police databases to video footage, however, it is still unknown that if the artificial intelligence software is being deployed to suppress protest activities.

iOmniscient, a Sydney based technology has been used by the Hong Kong related authorities for 3 years, several of trainings on the software application has been given to local personnels in order to put into actions. The program enables to monitor footage from automatically match faces, licence plates, and even closed circuit television to a police database and finding out the suspects among the crowd.

Artificial intelligence of iOmniscient can also be applied to track criminals, lost children and scheduling traffic. One training has been conducted to teach officers on the way to automatically recognize licence plate numbers using dashboard cameras.

Protestors aware of the technology, they have started to destroy cctv camera to avoid their identity, with wearing their masks on. The government has launched an emergency law to restrict face masks during protest, which leads to further vandalism.

Mr. Leung, a district councilor and an ex-leader of the Civil Human Rights Front mentioned that the local people are avoiding to be identified by the deployed CCTV cameras. They are wearing masks due to surveillance from the police.

iOmiscient refused to answer on the confirmation of the use its facial recognition technology from Hong Kong’s authorities. This technology provides feature for retaining identities anonymous for the purpose of crowd control. Their systems have be engaged over 50 nations yet obtained less profit from Hong Kong due to the privacy measure with lesser cameras installed, compared to other engaged countries, based on the company.

How The Technology Works

Our money, devices and security checks will be done by identifying our faces. One person’s face can be accessed from a distance without our awareness. Let’s see how it is done.

Our face is been calculated at more than 80 “nodal points”, and the span within them is later been utilized to establish a long special number called a faceprint.

A grid of 30 thousands of infrared dots shined to the face through an iPhone, for instance, create a raw 3D model.

Some programmes use infrared images to establish facial recognition. The shadow in the view light spectrum would not affect the Infrared scanning.

Next, security programs scan images for faces at far distances.

Facial features are secluded, and providing that the image is not infrared the colour will be taken out.

The security system then align the facial features to perform standard calculation.

The calculations are created into a faceprint

Eventually, the faceprint is been send to a database for comparison to analyse of faceprints. The fatal rate can be down to 0.8 per cent, however, few matches inaccurately during the past.

Artificial technology in facial recognition is in good use for managing and solving complex issues. The technology has be discussing or been utilized, in different industries of work and it may assists in increase efficacy and accuracy for industries such as actuarial science, law firm, accounting, cybersecurity, robotic, and many more. It is significant in today’s world, yet human works still unable to be replaced by the technology. What do you think?

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