Florian Reuter, CEO of German startup Volocopter, speaks to the media in Singapore, October 22, 2019. REUTERS/Feline Lim

Flying Taxi Debuts in Singapore

How many times have you called for grab car ride to attend meetings or to rush back home? Wonder what if there is a flying taxi is in the air? The future of technology might be coming soon around the corner in near future. A flying electric taxi company, Volocopter has showcase its flying trial on Tuesday, 22 October, at Marina Bay in Singapore last week.

Test flight for the Volocopter 2X model has flew about 2 minutes and 30 seconds in Marina Bay District area near the skyscrapers of the central business district. Prior its debut in Singapore, the drone-like technology has been tested in Las Vegas, Helsinki, Dubai and in Germany before. This sky taxi enables to fly half an hour for 35 kilometers (22 miles) with a top speed of 110km/h (68mph).

Safety Measures

There are strict safety concerns need to be implemented prior officially brought to commercial use. Volocopter put into mass efforts to assure complete safety standard. Volocopter Chief Executive Forian Reuter shared to reporters on Monday, October 21, that they were tremendously concern that various type of mistakes will have setback to their efforts of unleashing a new type of transportation. With their determination, each procedure which they are going through are carefully considered. He added that since 2011, the German company has been flying without issue.

Tremendously, he has putting great expectation over his team to maintain 100 percent safety rate for each Volocopter’s flight. Volocopter‘s design is unique, and to minimize failure, there are 18 rotors for the Volocopter, been built accordingly to the safety rules and regulation of the European Aviation Safety Agency.

Aside from Volocopter itself, voloport began its debut as well during the 26th Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress. A single landing pad enables to provide 10 to 15 flights per hour. Biometric facial recognition technology will be deployed for security scan during flight operation.

In 2017, an unmanned test flight has been carried out in Dubai. Questions have been posted by local regulators if the air taxi conduct autonomously is good enough to be safe. Therefore, the test conducted with pilot on board. However, Mr Reuter point out that auto pilot flight has been engaged in commercial flights for years. The company may as well intend to introduce their technology to China, Indonesia, Manila and in India. He said that the flying taxi will deliver swift travel between Marina Bay to Sentosa island, and toward shipping ports. Thus, we can expect to see tourists who are using cable cars and monorail to Sentosa will have one more option in the future.

Future of Transport

This mode of transportation will be an added convenience to commuters, which offer another choice of mobility to politicians, citizens, tourists and businessmen to travel with ease. The company may target price to future customers just above grab or taxi’s price to stay in competition. The official launch of Volocopter expected to be set in between 2021 to 2023.

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